1. SSTH is a member of the world's No.1 Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) Group and a part of the Swiss Hotel Association family, with 3.000 hotels, you will enjoy the highest recognition worldwide with our degrees.

  2. Hotel Management Schools in Switzerland offer a range of different qualifications that can be difficult to understand. How can you gauge what is best for you?

  3. SSTH Young Talent Traineeship

    Start your future hospitality management career with the SSTH Young Talent Traineeship in Switzerland and/or abroad.

    Interview about job opportunities and careers

    Our interview partner is Mr. Salil Desai, Director of Talent & Culture from Sofitel Hotels & Resorts in Mumbai BKC, India.

  4. Check out our Hospitality Blog to stay updated on the newest stories, trends and facts from the world’s most exciting industry.

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  5. Renowned history, combined with extreme modernity

    Our historic campus received another round of updates last summer.

    Visit our campus

    The magic behind our school is our unique campus. It’s worth a trip.

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