1) Subsidized fee for eligible Swiss students and foreign students residing in Switzerland. Please contact us for details regarding eligibility.
2) Semester 3 EHL Campus fee includes: access to all sports facilities and sports activity training; Student Affairs Services (coaching, psychological support, health programs); Career Services (interview preparation, job fairs on campus); access to Digital Center and professional printshop services; extracurricular student activities; Mandatory Swiss Insurances: accident, public liability, theft, computer equipment insurance covering theft and damage.
3) Accommodation options are available at EHL but are limited. Monthly leases  range between CHF 730 and CHF 1300 depending on location (EHL campus or neighborWood), features and number of students per room (single, double or shared apartment). For comparison purposes, a simple studio in the Lausanne region leases in general for 12 months at approximately CHF 1400 per month, excluding heating, electricity, linen, wifi etc. Heating, electricity, internet, hotel services are included in the price of the EHL on campus residences. For students staying in the NeighborWood apartments, heating, electricity, internet and supply of linens are included. Cleaning and laundry services are not included in the apartments. Interior and exterior parking spaces are available on the campus for a monthly fee respectively of CHF 250 and CHF 120. Student can also choose to pay per usage, with a prepaid system. EHL started to build its new campus and parking and lodging will be confirmed as the new student residences are ready. Prices are subject to change.
4) During semesters with accommodation contract in Passugg, full board is mandatory, with a choice between a 5 day or a 7 day Food & Beverage contract.

To complete their application, direct entry students are required to pay an application fee of CHF 175.

A downpayment of CHF 6,000 for international students and CHF 1,200 for Swiss students and eligible international students is required in order to guarantee their place. This amount is non-refundable, except in extreme circumstances.

Fees for students eligible according to the A-HES Intercantonal Agreement of 12 June 2003: The financial agreement between the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and the HES-SO (Haute Ecole Spécialisée de Suisse Occidentale) states that the HES-SO will cover part of the tuition fees of eligible students. According to this agreement, tuition fees for the students concerned are limited to CHF 1,000 per academic year, the remainder being paid by the HES-SO. This measure becomes effective as from the first year of the HES-SO Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. It does not apply to the Preparatory Year, which is not covered by this agreement.

As well as students with Swiss nationality whose parents live in Switzerland, students are also eligible if, at the time they register, they fulfil one of the following conditions according to the A-HES intercantonal agreement (see below):

  • Students with Swiss nationality who have parents living abroad, or whose mother and father are deceased and who live abroad
  • Refugees and stateless persons of age assigned to a canton in Switzerland, whose mother and father are deceased or whose parents are living abroad
  • Foreigners of age whose civil residence is in Switzerland, whose mother and father are deceased or whose parents are living abroad
  • Foreign students of age who have lived permanently for at least two years in Switzerland, where they have had paid employment giving them financial independence, without undertaking a training course at the same time
  • Foreign students whose parents’ civil residence or whose guardians’ headquarters (if relevant) is located in Switzerland.

The questionnaire determining the granting of A-HES status will be sent to students one month before the start of the academic year. Only the HES-SO has the authority to determine a student’s status.

If a student abandons his or her studies or changes A-HES status for any other reason before 15 October or 15 April, depending on the half-year in progress, the HES-SO will stop contributing to tuition fees.

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