The right internship and career counselling affects the quality of the experiences gained. It often leads to a successful start in business life. We therefore make a point of finding comprehensive internships for our students.

  1. Dynamic partner network
    Our Career Service department is in close contact with national and international partner companies offering internship placement. Also, our SSTH alumni are a great source of contacts for internship opportunities. We carefully select the hotels we choose for our students. Also, every company to which we send trainees is also evaluated by the students who worked there. This gives us a very detailed picture of the company on which to base future internship decisions on.

  2. The best preparation is crucial
    We have a close relationship with every student. This is extremely helpful when it comes to placing students in the most suitable internship environment. Our internship department supports the student in the application phase, helping to put good CV's and cover letters together, and coaching students for telephone and face-to-face interviews as well as personal presentations. Often, the first contact that a student has with an internship placement is a work-experience day. With these preparations it usually takes one or two interviews until our students find a suitable internship placement. Our career services department also offers help with the ensuing contract and in the case of overseas students, with the work permit application for Switzerland.

  3. Supervision during the internship
    If the internship is in Switzerland, then each student receives a personal visit every six months from the Career Services department for feedback and discussion. For our overseas placements we exchange regular questionnaires and information online. Our internship department does everything possible to help students find their dream placements.  We would be happy to tell you more about this service personally.

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Ms. Claudia Schmid

Head of Career Services/Quality Management

Phone +41 81 255 17 20

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Languages: German, French, English

Teaching program(s):
Swiss Professional Degree

Mr. Frank Richard Giannotti

F&B Control, Internship Preperation, Rhetoric, Presentation Internship Report, Learning and Working Strategies

Phone +41 81 255 17 06

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Languages: English

Teaching program(s):
Swiss Professional Degree
Professional Internship Foundation

Renate Blaser

Ms Renate Blaser

Internship supervision HFd, lecturer Internship preparation

Phone +41 81 255 17 00

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Languages: German, English, Italian

Teaching program(s):
Swiss Professional Degree

Manuela Villinger Praktikumsbetreuung HoKo EHL Hotelfachschule Passugg

Ms Manuela Villinger

Internship Supervision HoKo

Phone +41 81 255 18 85

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Languages: German, English, French, Italian

Teaching program(s):
Berufliche Grundbildung Hotel-Kommunikationsfachleute

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