The SSTH Alumni network consists of about 5400 successful professionals from over 186 countries. Since SSTH’s foundation, almost 50 years ago, our worldwide pool of Alumni offers excellent opportunities for networking.

A professional education with a personal touch, our school has earned a special place in the hearts and minds of many who still call it "our second home". The SSTH Alumni network extends over 6 continents - from Africa to Asia, and Europe across North and South America. Regular Homecomings, workshops, seminars and especially communication via social networks such as Facebook keep the spirit of this community alive.

Our students benefit greatly from this strong network as our Alumni are often guest speakers at our school and frequently represent their organizations to acquire young talent. Our Alumni network with its Ambassadors is invaluable to our school. We endeavor to strengthen this network for the future and offer our support in encouraging communication and exchange between its members.

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