Hotel management schools in Switzerland offer a range of different qualifications that can be difficult to understand. How can you gauge which one is best for you? Here, we present a helpful overview designed to warn you about “Dead-End Degrees”.

  1. Pay attention to quality Labels
    Internationaly renowned Labels such as THE-ICE, AAQ or ISO (not in English) demonstrate that the schools have been criticaly evaluated from external experts.
  2. Check for proof of real Swiss accreditation
    The hotel management qualification from the school should be recognized by the Swiss federal government (not in English). A cantonal recognition is not the same as federal, and may have an impact on pursuing further studies. In Addition, many hotel management schools in Switzerland are only accredited through foreign universities, not Swiss. Federaly accredited colleges of applied science in Switzerland offer a Diploma Supplement from the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) alongside the tertiary-level professional qualification, which contains information that potential employers in Switzerland and abroad may use to assess the technical competences of qualification holders.
  3. Research the school's level of qualification through the ISCED
    National qualification frameworks vary a lot from country to country. For this reason, UNESCO developed the International Standard Classification for Education ISCED. The qualification from federally accredited Swiss colleges of applied science has been set at an ISCED Level 6, same as a bachelor.

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