Designed to best prepare you for entering our Swiss Professional Degree* program and the demanding operational semesters, the Professional lnternship Foundation course will introduce you to working in Switzerland, while also giving you a head start in the theory classes to come.

  • Cuisine Practice
    You will help cook meals for our students and staff while learning the basics of culinary arts from our team of chefs who will teach you how to recognize excellent products and how to prepare them to best reveal their qualities. You will learn basic cutting and preparation methods, how to use knives and kitchen equipment properly, and how to work safely in a kitchen.
  • Service Practice
    Through working in our restaurant and coffee bar under the supervision of senior students and guidance of our experienced lecturers, you will learn the art of serving guests. Table setting for various restaurant set-ups, napkin folding, banquet decoration, different service techniques and more will best prepare you for the semester ahead.
  • Introductory Theory Classes
    With the goal of introduclng you to terms and language specific to this industry, these theory classes will help ensure you have the necessary foundation of knowledge to perform your best, Service Theory, Kitchen Theory, German, Housekeeping, lntercultural and Business Behavior, College Study Skills and Hospitality English.
  • Field Trips
    You will visit local producers of vegetables, wines, chocolate or cheese and take part in behind-the-scenes tours of hotels, restaurants or spas, gaining a solid understanding of how suppliers and hospltality professionals work.

* Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF

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