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Application SSTH Scholarship Award for International Students

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In order to reward international students in the English Division who deserve special recognition of their performance during school and internship training, SSTH offers a CHF 4,500 scholarship in the following form:

Semester 1 & 2
A CHF 1,500 scholarship will be automatically awarded to all international students "Swiss Professional Degree" who apply with an IELTS > 6.5 (or equivalent). Students who qualify will have their tuition reduction by CHF 750 for each of the first two semesters.

Semester 4 & 6
At the end of each internship (semester 3 & 5), students may apply for a CHF 1,500 scholarship for semesters 4 and 6. If awarded, the scholarship amount will be deducted from their tuition fee or reimbursed to them should the fees already have been paid.

The assessment for awarding the scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  • Few absences in the previous school semester
  • No serious violations of the campus regulations during the previous semester
  • Excellent social skills during internship
  • Good grade point average from the previous school semester

Details to the grading system and approval procedures are outlined in the "Scholarship Assessment form".

Other scholarships or offers

This scholarship is only open to international students in the English Division "Swiss Professional Degree". Swiss students, in the Swiss Professional Degree either German or English programs, who wish to receive a scholarship must apply for the Tschumi Fond Scholarship from hotelleriesuisse.

The first year scholarship (semester 1 & 2) cannot be awarded in conjunction with the Early Bird offer.

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